Mobile Marketing – Branding on the Go!

With the proliferation of SmartPhones (3G iPhones), and now SuperPhones (4G Android OS), it has never been easier for consumers to connect on social media channels, surf the web, and make purchases online wherever and whenever.

When an advertisement sparks your interest, pertinent and relevant information is immediately available on your SuperPhone. New technology enables you to simply scan QR Codes with an App on your SmartPhone, and be instantly connected to a website, a video clip, phone number or to whatever the online marketers opt to link to that QR Code.

According to ComsScore’s new Mobile Metrix 2.0 report highlighted USA SmartPhone users vs Desktop users on Facebook:

SuperPhone: 441 mins. per month (7 hrs. and 21 mins.) vs

Desktop Computer: 391 mins. per month (6 hrs., 31 mins.)

Shared Advantages

Mobile branding shares many of the same advantages of Internet marketing. However, the First Mover Advantage (FMA) for marketers and businesses, unlike more traditional forms of media, is that the results of Internet and mobile marketing are measurable and traceable. Online marketers can now see the efficacy of certain Internet campaigns, they can track who is accessing their website, the means of access, and the duration of the visit. The consumer may feel somewhat uneasy with this tracking feature, but marketers find the information invaluable when determining the effectiveness of campaigns and the measurable results attained. Additionally, although the cost of mobile and Internet marketing is considerably less than traditional media, it offers a local and global reach. Why spend tens of thousands of dollars on TV commercials that are broadcast in but one specific region and language, when at a fraction of that expense, your mobile message would enable you to reach potential customers on a global basis 24/7/365? On the flip side your mobile client is always moving, easily distracted and highly demanding. Speed of execution and a focused and relevant content strategy are critical to your campaign’s long-term and short-term success.

Mobile Website Checklist:

– Create a Mobile Search Plan

– Understand Search Engines for Mobile(Google Mobile, Bing Mobile, Yahoo Mobile, etc.)

– Add a Click-to-Call Button and Additional CTAs

– Build a Mobile Website Map and Keep Your Code Clean

– Optimize Browser for SuperPhone Speed

– Install a Sensor to Confirm Browser Device (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc.)

– Keep it Simple with Streamlined Features (I.e., avoid flash intros, etc.)

– Be aware that Websites are designed to be viewed on a 20″ monitor vs a 3.5″ HD SuperPhone

First Mover Advantage

Acknowledge that the mobile device has become the ultimate source of information and research for many global users. Only a handful of B2B and B2C companies actually tailor their websites to mobile devices, thus the user-friendly mobile website optimized for a mobile search is an indispensable component of any company’s brand marketing and business development plans. If your site is not easily accessible, your target audience instantly exit your site and enter your competitor’s.

Article Marketing – Brand Yourself Online – Use Articles!

As a network marketer, are you branding yourself as an expert in your field? OK you are probably just starting out in online marketing, so you may not really feel like you are an expert in anything. But in online MLM, there is a compelling need to brand yourself as someone who CAN and WANTS to help people with their business. If you are not projecting yourself as such a person yet, that may just be the biggest reason your lead generation and recruiting efforts are yet get off the ground.

The easiest way to get people to join your business is to find out what needs people are having, and then offer sound solutions to these needs. It works better than the “join my business” approach which most marketers have been using without much result. The purpose of this piece you are reading is to show you how you can use articles to brand yourself as a leader or expert.

Articles have a great potential to brand you as a leader in your market niche. The main reason is because the online marketplace is full of novices who are constantly searching for honest and authoritative information that they can use to build their online business. Thus if you constantly write and submit informative articles, or if your website or blog contains articles that offer practical help to home business owners, then be assured that you’ll command a niche following.

Not only will your audience be thrilled by your informative articles, many will keep coming back for more information and to pose their own questions, which they have become confident you are capable of addressing. So by creating an avenue where novice marketers can confidently come when they need information, you would have created a buzz around yourself and your business-your informative articles have turned you into an authority in that market niche!

Every marketer envisages a scenario whereby prospects keep calling them inquiring how they can join the marketer’s team. I am sure you do too. The way to achieve that is by constantly helping newer marketers with their business issues. Your prospects will have to see you as a master at what you do before you will start seeing good following.

So start writing very targeted articles today. Each should focus on one or two areas of your niche market. Thoroughly research whatever topic you are writing on. This will ensure that the information you give out will be up-to-the-minute and comprehensive. Nobody likes to waste time reading articles that are shallow in nature, one that merely glosses over a subject. On the other hand your articles shouldn’t be too long. 450-750 words is the recommended length.

Besides having as many articles as you can at your website, it is especially important that you write and submit many more articles to article websites like GoArticles or Ezinearticles. It is in fact these ones submitted to ezines that will get you the most exposure and self branding. What usually happens is that these submitted articles, when published, are syndicated by these websites in such a way that your articles will appear in numerous internet search engines.

As a result, when people go searching for stuff related to your niche, they will come across your articles. And because your articles contain link to your website, readers are able to visit your site and get to know your business opportunity better.

Branding yourself as a leader is imperative if you must grow your online business. Article marketing is one of the surest and easiest ways to achieve this. If you do it right, the result will be increased traffic and free leads for your business.

Keyword Domination – Niche Market Branding

The slinky, wacky-clackers and hoola-hoop were all words we’d never heard of before the mid 1950’s. But now everyone recognizes the genius behind those winning crazes.

Those words were created and became an ingenious craze that struck the nation and overtook the world, but… they could just as easily have been long tailed keywords that meant something and led folks to some incredible opportunity too.

Any concept can fill a niche market if there’s a need.

Long tail keywords offer niche domination with identifying brand labels. When your brand identifies what you do using keywords, your recognition factor on the search engines becomes instantly greater. A craze that takes off online can bring you to the top of the Search Engine with Page One Recognition.

A new idea, a concept, or a precept created with a specific product in mind erupts with power when a niche market is found. A niche market assumes a paradigm relevant to a specific group of people expanding to broaden and envelop a market of consumers. If the idea includes a catchy title, a coined phrase, keywords, or a specific dynamic the consumer can grasp and share easily, the niche market is born.

The creator of a specific niche becomes a recognized guru. His product becomes the talk of the planet and the Internet waves with delight as another successful business is born.

Can you imagine sweeping the Internet with a craze such as the Hoola Hoop?

Do you need some help creating a long tail keyword brand for your business?

Restaurant Marketing – Branding

Successful restaurant marketing is contingent on more than simply sending some coupons and taking out a yellow page ad. Branding your restaurant – for your food, your atmosphere and your customers – has as much to do with your restaurant’s success as your location. Unless you have zero competition (which is next to impossible), you need an intelligent branding strategy to earn the customer loyalty that will keep you in business for decades to come.

Importance of a branded image

Branding is important because people purchase on emotion. When it comes to restaurant marketing, they want to feel that they’re eating the highest quality food prepared with care just for them. It’s important to identify and promote your branded identity so you can connect with your target audience at a glance. If your restaurant is not branded, then you’re just another restaurant. There’s nothing that separates you from the competition.

This reduces your potential customer pool to make choices based on factors such as price, convenience and preconceived notions. Without a branded identity, you have no control over preconceptions and therefore you’re forced to compete on pricing and location alone. This is not a way to grow your restaurant. Cheap does not outsell quality, especially in the restaurant industry. This is why franchises such as Papa Johns Pizza have gone to great lengths to market the fact that their ingredients are fresh.

Branding goes beyond locale as well. If you have franchise aspirations, successful branding is critical. Remember that McDonald’s began as a single restaurant in San Bernardino.

How to identify your branded image

Consider how you’re different from your competitors. What do you offer that they don’t (or that they don’t promote)? If you’re the only place to get fresh fish in town, identifying your brand niche is relatively easy; but if there’s massive competition it can be more difficult. Perhaps you have the best food in town, a master chef at work, or provide a particular atmosphere well-suited to your audience (such as a bistro, night club or family restaurant).

To help you define what type of restaurant you are, consider the features and benefits you offer your diners. Understand the distinction between the two. For example, having a world-class chef on-hand is a feature; guaranteeing that your customers will enjoy their food is a benefit. List all of your features and benefits, and pick the most important that also differentiate you from the competition to base your brand on.

Branding through design

Skilled graphic design can transform your restaurant’s branded identity from a concept to a visual motivator. This image is what the world will see, and your customers will perceive the ideals and emotions that your image expresses. The power of graphic design is limitless, especially when you incorporate sound brand identity design principles for your restaurant.

Food is a visual motivator in and of itself, but when you take care to snap the best photos of the right dishes for your target audience and present them in a fresh, crisp light, you can make mouths water through something as simple as a postcard or poster. Your restaurant branded designs should not only say what you offer, but what your customers will experience when they visit your establishment.

Your restaurant colors, logo, corporate identity package, website and other print marketing materials are all a reflection of your brand; so familiar, cohesive design must be applied to all mediums. The goal is for your prospects to be able to glance at your material and instantly recognize who it’s from and what you stand for. When you achieve this, you’ve developed a powerful restaurant brand identity.