Market Branding Advertising With TV – Cheap Brand Marketing, Self-Promotion, Brand Management

Do you ever advertise?

Do you run a newspaper classified ad? Hammer bandit signs to telephone poles? Slap a magnetic sign to your car door? Print business cards?

Becoming “known” when you’re “unknown” is a formidable challenge.

Every business and profession knows it’s essential to survive and succeed.

And the whatever business or profession is “best-known” makes the most income! That’s Marketing 101. That’s Advertising 101. That’s the mantra of the Harvard MBA.

But how can you most-efficiently move from Unknown to Unforgettable?

How can you best evolve from Nobody to Somebody?

The obvious answer is TV!

Exposure on local or national TV brands everyone from criminal to celebrity, and everything from coffee to cars.

“Coke” is so branded over such length of time that you can catch just a glimpse of that curved bottle even without the logo turned toward you…and you instinctively know it’s “Coke!”

And does that branding pay off financially?

It doesn’t take the MBA graduate to know!

Suppose you could become so branded that everyone in town (or even across the nation) knew you and what you did?

Well, the fastest way to do it is with TV advertising and marketing.

But who can afford it?

Before the Internet, TV branding was stand-alone marketing. And very expensive.

But an inexpensive Internet web site online combined with cheap :15 second TV promotion offline suddenly levels the playing field for even the smallest business, profession and entrepreneur who understands the “how!”

The media is already using the concept.

Newspapers use it with their online web sites. “America’s Most Wanted” TV show describes the details online. Even local TV news carries the expanded story on their web site.

Why don’t you use this same “cheap” technique?

This personal branding methodology using the power of television is so “cheap” that it can cost less than a newspaper classified ad!

TV branding can “sear your image indelibly in the public eye” using prime-time network affiliates, regional cable stations, and FCC-mandated “leased access” stations.

Right now, you can use TV branding in the huge metropolis of L.A. for nightly 30 minute infomercials at the cost of only $1500 per month! That’s “cheap!”